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5b/3.5b Single Family Home

Branden and I are very family oriented.  We have weekly dinners with our parents and siblings, and our children are constantly together.  With the growing number of little cousins, our home started to feel a little cramped during Sunday dinners.  I started with an idea to enclose a large outdoor patio and build above our garage.  As soon as my husband was on board with this idea, I went straight to my friend Traci who was working with S. Tanaka on her dream home.  We researched other local contractors and sought the advice of other friends, but no one else seemed completely satisfied and happy with their contractor or even their final projects, except for Traci.

I filled out S. Tanaka’s contact form online and received a reply from Jen the next morning.  We were able to set up a meeting with Ryan for that weekend. Our first meeting with Ryan was very eye opening.  He assessed our current home and went over what a renovation would entail.  We threw all our ideas at him, including creating a space for my mom.

Being that our current home was over 60years old, we wanted a reliable home we could raise our children in.  In the end we decided to go with a full rebuild.

Simply said, our rebuild experience has been so easy and fun!  S. Tanaka’s process is very efficient.  Ryan quickly and thoughtfully created different home renderings for us to start with and we were able to make and view changes during our meetings.  He was transparent about post-covid materials cost and helped us design a home within our budget. Being such a big investment Branden and I asked for some time to think about the build.  Ryan never pressured us and picked up right where we left off once we let him know the rebuild was a go.  As soon as the permitting was approved, we were presented with a timeline and went right into an initial design meeting with Jen.  I always felt comfortable and confident each time I emailed or called her.

Throughout this project I spent many hours watching home improvement shows, Pinterest-ing, Google-ing, you name it.  Jen and Ryan, graciously took every single one of my ideas and showed me how we could make it work or in many cases improve it. Furthermore, the vendors they work with were so knowledgeable, patient and kind.  They truly helped me build every room in my home.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with S. Tanaka.  We now have a semi-multigenerational home of our dreams.

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