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Brand New Kaimuki 4b/3b

Thoughtfully Designed Home in Kaimuki

S Tanaka constructed a single-family home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms in Kaimuki. This home was tailor-made for a family of five, with careful consideration given to their unique requirements.

The property boasts two master suites, with one strategically located on the ground floor. This design addresses the family's long-term needs by providing an easily accessible space that accommodates aging in place.

To ensure a touch of individuality, the family worked with an interior designer. The bathrooms were each laid with custom tile work, showcasing the family’s love for design.

As a fun and practical addition, the home features a mudroom that incorporates a playful locker area. This designated space adds an element of organization and fun, effectively managing the children’s sports equipment and school gear.

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