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Single Family + ADU, 5b/4b

S. Tanaka designed and constructed a residence to accommodate a multi-generational family in Kaimuki. This home was designed to provide comfortable living quarters for both a mother and her daughter's expanding family. The lower level was thoughtfully designed, encompassing two bedrooms and two bathrooms, intended exclusively for the mother's use. On the upper level, an equally thoughtful layout emerged, comprised of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfectly suited for the daughter and her growing family. Moreover, the home also featured a Studio/Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). This addition served as a flexible space that could either be used to accommodate guests or be rented out.

Throughout the design process, the central aim was to design a home that was not an imposing structure that might disrupt the neighborhood’s atmosphere. The end result was a dwelling that catered to the requirements of this multi-generational household and reflected the individual design preferences and color choices of each family member.

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