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5b/4b Multi-Generational Home

Home for all ages

Transforming aging houses into modern multigenerational sanctuaries, S. Tanaka Construction leads the charge in innovative home redesign.

S. Tanaka Construction’s clients share their experience working with the company.

Why rebuild? We wanted to turn our old house into a multigenerational home. After assessing the age and condition of our old house, we knew that it would need a major overhaul to increase the living area, add new roofing and upgrade all the utilities above and below the foundation. We thought it would be best to rebuild new so we would have a chance to age in place.

How we found STC? We knew we couldn’t be an owner-builder (homeowners who build their own homes) so we took our time in researching for a general contractor we felt comfortable with, mostly through word-of-mouth and recommendations amongst people we knew.

In deciding to build a new home from the ground up, we knew there would be challenges to overcome. We’re happy we chose S. Tanaka Construction as our design-build general contractor. From pre-design to permit approvals to demolition to house construction, Ryan and Jennifer of STC were very patient, accommodating and professional with us in response to each challenge we faced.

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